How It Works

It's simple. It's Real. It's Fun.

Businesses hire us to create exposure and brand awareness for their products. We do that by providing our members with a certain number of units of each product at massive discounts.

Why do they do this?

It's simple. There is no better advertising than a happy customer.

Similar to the product demos you see in major retailers, the goal of each of our clients is that you fall in love with their products, tell your friends about them and become a long term customer of their brand.

Sign up today...great discounts are at your fingertips.

Great Products From Great Companies

  • Headphones

    Retail Price : £65.00

    price £7.00
  • Phone Cases

    Retail Price : £27.00

    price £1.00
  • French Press

    Retail Price : £29.00

    price £3.50
  • Bed Sheet Set

    Retail Price : £80.00

    price £9.00
  • Nutritional Supplements

    Retail Price : £35.00

    price Free
  • Dog Leash

    Retail Price : £24.95

    price £2.00
  • Water Bottles

    Retail Price : £14.95

    price £1.50
  • Essential Oils

    Retail Price : £29.00

    price £2.50

Member Testimonials

Meet a few of our happy members from all around the world.

I love this site...I've received so much stuff!! I was skeptical at first but I've been on for almost 6 months now and couldn't be happier. There are times when an email will come through and I'll click on it immediately and the item will already be gone. This sucks but, I understand the retailer only gives out so many coupons per item. Good luck to all and become an Amazon prime member and you save a ton more just on shipping alone!!

Selena C.

This is a fantastic program. It allows me to try products without risk and I've rarely been disappointed, from skin care to kitchen products.

Fran S.

I love this website! This has been my addiction for a little over a month now! I love getting to the new products! And lots of them are free! I have gotten over $250 worth of product and only spent like 6 dollars total! Being a stay at home mom, this gives me something to do! Totally love this site!!!

Tori S.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements of being a member?

Rules for membership are very simple: redeem products and enjoy them! The only way that your membership can be taken away is by violating one of our terms of service.

Am I required to leave a product review on products redeemed through

No. We are NOT a review company.

Amazon does NOT allow reviews to be written in exchange for a free or discounted product. Your membership is not tied in any way to leaving reviews on these products.  We do not track or monitor your Amazon public profile and have no way of knowing whether you reviewed a product or not.

Please read Amazon’s most recent Community Guidelines so you are aware of their current policies

Can I choose the types of offers you send me? For example, can I get only kitchen products and not beauty products?

Not at this time. We currently do not have the ability for members to select product categories. That may change in the future.

I don’t have a cell phone. Can I still sign up?

No. Only people with an active cell phone can sign up.

I don’t live in the UK. Can I join?

No. We are currently only accepting UK residents.If you are a US resident, visit for more information.